Danzig Items

2 Deth Red Sabaoth promo posters (both signed), Evilive / The End
Deth Red Sabaoth Poster, AFM / Evilive
Deth Red Sabaoth stock box for the Fanbox Urns
Deth Red Sabaoth T-shirt, Hanes
Deth Red Sabaoth signed booklet
Blackest of the Black 2010 tour poster for the Roseland Theater
2 The Hangover, part II: Soundtrack 12”x12” posters (double sided), Water Tower Music                                                                       
Essential CD Re-issues Poster, E-Magine / Evilive
How The Gods Kill Press / Info Sheets
Paradise Lost book, Verotik (w/ Simon Bisley)
Drukija: Contessa of Blood book, Verotik (w/ Simon Bisley)
Hidden Lyrics of the Left Hand book, Verotik (w/ Simon Bisley)
Verotik World book, Verotik (w/ Simon Bisley) - 9/15/2014
Hyper-Real: The Art of Martin Emond book, Verotik - 9/15/2014
Chiodo: Darkworks book, Verotik - 9/15/2014
Jaguar God: Snake Brothers Revenge book, Verotik (w/ Simon Bisley) --
Danzig 4p music book, EMI Music Publishing / Hal Leonard - 9/15/2014
How The Gods Kill promo 12”x12” flat
Thrall: Demonsweatlive promo 12”x12” flat
4p promo 12”x12” flat
Blackacidevil promo 12"x12" flat - 9/15/2014
Satan’s Child 6:66 promo 12”x12” flat
A few Deth Red Sabaoth promo stickers, The End Records / Evilive
Danzig – Original Skull Logo shirt, Hanes
Deth Red Sabaoth Sticker, Licensed by Bravado 2012
Deth Red Sabaoth Patch, Licensed by Bravado 2012
Dog Tag, Licensed by Bravado 2012
Thrasher (June 1986 Magazine) – Danzig Interview
Circle of Snakes sticker, Evilive/MDM/Musicrama
I Luciferi, 11x17 2-sided poster
3 Faces of Danzig Medicom figures (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig)
3 Ouija Spirit Boards (Misfits, Samhain, Danzig)

Misfits items

The Devil’s Rain tour poster (Signed)
DEA.D. Alive! promo poster - 9/15/2014
Clockwork Records in-store signing poster ad
- 9/15/2014
Land of the Dead art poster - 9/15/2014
Setlist from Reading, PA show 12/7/2013 - 9/15/2014
Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?  Fright Rags poster - 9/15/2014
Hybrid Moments  Fright Rags poster - 9/15/2014
The Fiend Walks Among Us screen-print poster by Tom Whalen
(Standard Edition) - 9/15/2014                                                     
Head Knockers Bobblehead, 2002, NECA
Signed $1 bill by Jerry Only
Misfits flyer to White Rabbit (w/ h2o & Marky Ramone)
3 Patches (Fiend Skull, Legacy of Brutality, We Bite/Mommy)
4 Button Set, 2009, C&D Visionary Inc.
Fiend Skull Magnet, 2001, Cyclopian Music/C&D Visionary Inc.
American Psycho trading cards, 1997, Geffen Records
Guitar Pick (Fiend Skull on 1 side, Font Logo on other)
Signed Fiend Skull Mask, 2010, Cyclopian
DEA.D. Alive! patch and 2 button set from Interpunk - 9/15/2014
Signed Red Misfits Sticker - 9/15/2014
Cuts from the Crypt postcard - 9/15/2014
Misfits Records tote bag - 9/15/2014

Related items

Michale Graves “War of Information” 11”x18” poster
Michale Graves Vagabond session program/schedule 
- 9/15/2014
Michale Graves handwritten "Nowhere" lyrics - 9/15/2014
Michale Graves Vagabond photo booklet (LTD to 5) - 9/15/2014
Michale Graves LSRI Sketch (Shape of an N) - 9/15/2014
Misery Obscura: The Photography of Eerie Von book, Dark Horse Bks --
Samhain - Live 1984 promo poster ad
- 9/15/2014
Doyle action figure, 21st Century Toys - 9/15/2014
Jerry Only action figure, 21st Century Toys - 9/15/2014
Doyle “Made In Hell” hot sauce, Haunted Hot Sauce
Dr Chud, signed drum stick from Doyle’s Abominator session “Mark of
the beast”, 2012