NO, I am NOT doing any trades or buys from this site whatsoever!  I do however sell!  Here, let me link you to feebay! LINK!


As you see, I made this site to list my Danzig collection, as well as other related stuff related to the Misfits!  Yea, this site may be deleted in the future for using the skull and the song, but whatever, nothing has a purpose in life anyway.


Oh and by the way...A shout out to Ryan! \m/ He has a Danzig collection too! Link!!!


Because I can't make more than 10 pages to keep everything more organized, I had to group some of the albums together.  Singles, promos, yada yada associated with an album are in that folder with
the album.  When I add something new to the list, a
(- MM/DD/YEAR) will appear next to the the item.

There are two Miscellaneous folders: one for music stuff (Danzig-related and non-album releases), and another one for non-music stuff (e.g. books, posters, e tc.).

This site was also made for other Danzig collectors who can use this site as a reference for expanding their collection!